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“Everyone has a story – allow Inti to bring Yours to Life.”

Our appearance and sensibilities are how we reveal our inner world to society; in this way, a hairstyle is not simply a fashion statement – it represents a symbolic aspect of who you are.

Your personal beautification event at Inti will be experienced in a unique, uplifting and extremely rejuvenating atmosphere.

The focus is on co-creating a colour and style that brings out the best in you, yet there is so much more on offer: The Inti experience identifies its brand apart by its calmness, attention to details and an impeccable ‘savoir-faire’, which inspires self-expression and deep relaxation.

The Inti philosophy is clear: a mindstyle resetting and focus on the wellbeing of your own Hair & Soul. Beauty, Gentleness and Softness are held as three key components of our service to the guests.


. Why Inti ?

Inti carries within its name a deep connection to the sun. The Inca call Inti, the Sun God and so Inti support all Lifeforms on this Earth. This has brought a tremendous personal awareness of the connection we all have with it, consciously or not.

The Seed of Life at Inti represent the symbol of Creation.

Seeds are magic, potent vessels of nature. They hold the entire intelligent blueprints for life. They can lie dormant for ages before the conditions are ripe for them to burst into life, into creation.

We bring this into alignment, respecting both the environment and our entire selves; with all of our services and products used in the salon and those available to purchase your home care.


. Stylist / Bio .

Born in Paris, with a family background from both Belgium and Germany, and grew up within a French culture before beginning a life of travel which took her throughout Europe, Africa, and the United States; having called Sydney, Australia “home” for the past 17 years, she now returns to her roots in Antwerp, where a part of her family comes from.

Valerie loves any opportunity to personalize a style and colour palette for each individual guest who enters her world; her passion for colour is as strong today as it was when she first began, more than 20 year ago.

Valerie possesses confidence in her abilities, and will listen to you – and support you – through a change of style and colour with a sympathetic appreciation for every individual’s needs.

Valerie’s gentle and kind nature will seduce you and take you to another world.

Life is a creation of balance and harmony.


I have had the pleasure of being a client of Valerie’s for the past 17 years. Valerie takes the time to listen to what you want and also helps you decide when unsure of exactly what it is that you want! She has helped me develop my style through my 20’s and 30’s with true professionalism and finesse and has taken the time to understand how my personality is reflected in my look. Valerie is concerned that your hair remains healthy and provides helpful advice on products to use and to avoid. Valerie has a calm manner and charismatic character that makes you feel relaxed and at ease in her presence. Her holistic view of healing and wellbeing also means that you leave an appointment feeling refreshed and uplifted. Although I met Valerie as a hairdresser, she quickly became a dear friend. Jillian Masselos, Sydney, Australia

I have been a client of Valerie's for 7 years, not only is Valerie an exceptionally talented colourist, she has the ability to put you at ease instantly and feel calm about whatever change you wish to make with your hair colour or cut. Valerie's technique is so unique and 100% client focused. I have full trust in Valerie's abilities and have struggled to find anyone else as talented. Warmest Wishes, xx Emma EMMA BLOMFIELD NEST DESIGNS | www.nestdesigns.com.au

Valerie was my hairdresser in Bondi. Aside from the technical skills Valerie added something else, time to spend with me. A few minute massage, nice relaxing aromatherapy oils....as a working mother of 2 little kids my visit to the hairdresser was often the one moment in many weeks where you just sit and relax. I'm just lucky now that I moved to Amsterdam and Antwerp is only a daytrip for me. Esther Westra, Amsterdam


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Head.Spa treatment from 25

Your colour from 45

Half head highlight from 60

Styling, cut & blowstyle F from 45

Wash, cut & style M from 30

Blow-Style from 25

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Inti - Zwartzustersstraat 38, 2000 Antwerpen - inti.valerie@gmail.com - Tel. 0473 31 18 88

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